Rates are based on the level of technical skill and time required. As such my fee varies from R300 to R500 per hour. Depending on the nature of the work I charge hourly, per project or on a retainer basis.

This works on a pay-as-you-go basis for clients with small projects with a minimum charge of one hour per project. I invoice on completion of work and payment is COD.
Per project
This is based on an estimated number of hours to complete a project. Fifty percent of the project total is due upfront with the balance due on completion of the project.
Should you require ongoing work on a regular basis an agreed rate can be negotiated depending on which elements of my services are required. You select a predetermined number of months or a month-to-month basis with a thirty-day notice period should either party wish to end the arrangement. I invoice monthly.

What clients say

“Initially my needs were for a data capturer to build my email campaigns and customer relationship management. Soon it became obvious that Sym can do just about anything to make my working life easier.”

Shane Killeen, Owner


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